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Matters needing attention in connection of standby power supply for equipment

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For some equipment in factory production, it is impossible to shut down at will, so the equipment will be individually connected with stand-by power supply to deal with, in the event of problems in the ceremony supply, provide emergency power supply in time, the following generator set manufacturers will briefly introduce the wiring problem for you.

(1) From the different sections of the generator voltage bus, it is connected by the auxiliary transformer (or reactor).

(2) Connecting from the lowest voltage bus which is closely connected with the power system. In this way, it is possible to increase the investment of HV distribution devices due to the adoption of high voltage transformers for factory use, but the reliability of power supply is also improved accordingly.

(3) Connect from the low-voltage winding of the tie-in transformer, but ensure that sufficient power supply capacity can be obtained when the unit is completely shut down.

(4) When the technology and economy are reasonable, the special line can be connected by the external power grid, and independent standby power supply or start-up power supply can be obtained through the auxiliary standby transformer.

The auxiliary low-voltage standby power supply is usually connected from different sections of the high-voltage busbar, and the standby power supply is obtained by special auxiliary low-voltage standby transformer.

In thermal power plants, the number of high-voltage and low-voltage standby power supply is related to the number of installed units, single unit capacity, main wiring form and control mode of the power plant. Generally, it is allocated according to the principles of the table below.

Standby power supply system: Originally mainly refers to diesel generators, gasoline generators and so on, these in the early UPS did not appear, when the city power interruption as a standby power equipment. But after the emergence of UPS, because UPS has more advantages, it has rapid dynamic response, stable output regulation, and can eliminate the adverse effects of absorbing power supply and protect electrical equipment. Therefore, UPS gradually occupies a large proportion in the contemporary standby power supply.


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